New Traders!






We have got some very exciting new additions to our family here in Corners Craft, Gift and Collectables centre.

John Ryder
John owns a removals and house clearance business and is using one of our units to sell some of his wares. There is a vast erray of items here for sale and items have been flying out, so if you see something you like, you know what to do!

John’s website
John’s Facebook

John ryder logo

Pramoda Gifts
This is well established company that have been trading for my years. They have recently moved into one of our retail units and have been adding to and expanding their stock almost daily! They stock handmade soy wax melts, incense sticks and holders, and much more!

Their website
Their Facebook

pramoda Gifts logo

We still have some vacant Retail spaces and have just finished re-designing the layout to create some smaller wall/shelving units that can be rented. If you are interested or have ay questions don’t hesitate to call us on 01362 869192 or send an email to

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